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How to Use Kingdoms of Amalur Save Editor V16

How to Use Kingdoms of Amalur Save Editor V16

Kingdoms of Amalur Save Editor V16 is a tool that allows you to modify your save game files for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and Re-Reckoning, the action role-playing games developed by Big Huge Games and 38 Studios. With this tool, you can change your equipment, buffs, gems, flags, and more. You can also change the definition of an item to another item of the same category. For example, you can turn a rusty iron longsword into a flameblade.

This article will guide you through the steps of using Kingdoms of Amalur Save Editor V16 to customize your game experience.

Kingdoms Of Amalur Save Editor V16

Step 1: Download and Install Kingdoms of Amalur Save Editor V16

You can download Kingdoms of Amalur Save Editor V16 from Nexus Mods[^1^] or GitHub[^2^]. The latest version as of writing this article is 3.0.498, which supports both the original and the remastered versions of the game, as well as the Nintendo Switch console release. It also supports the arena DLC.

To install Kingdoms of Amalur Save Editor V16, you need to have .NET 5.0.4 or higher installed on your computer. You can download it from here. After that, you can simply extract the zip file to any folder you like and run KoAR.SaveEditor.exe.

Step 2: Load Your Save Game File

Before you start editing your save game file, make sure you back it up first in case something goes wrong. You can find your save game files in the following locations:

  • For the original game on PC: C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\My Games\Reckoning\Saves

  • For the remastered game on PC: C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\My Games\Re-Reckoning\Saves

  • For the Nintendo Switch console release: SD Card:\Nintendo\Contents\save\0000000000000000\0100E9500E9B4000

Note that modifying the auto-save, tutorial save, quick save or the end of game save are NOT supported by Kingdoms of Amalur Save Editor V16 and may cause your game to get stuck in an infinite loop. You should only edit manual saves that have a number in their file name.

To load your save game file, click on the File menu and select Open. Then browse to your save game folder and select the file you want to edit. You should see a list of items in your inventory categorized by equipment types.

Step 3: Edit Your Items

To edit an item, select it from the list and click on the Edit button at the bottom. A new window will pop up with various options to modify your item.

You can change the following aspects of your item:

  • Level: This is a hidden stat that controls the level and stat requirements for an item and the damage amount for weapons. You can increase or decrease it as you wish.

  • Gems: These are the gems socketed in your item. You cannot change them directly, but you can remove them by clicking on the Remove button next to each gem slot.

  • Name: This is the name of your item as it appears in the game. You can change it to anything you like.

  • Durability: This is how much wear and tear your item can withstand before it breaks. You can change both the current and the max durability values.

  • Prefix/Suffix: These are the modifiers that give your item extra effects or stats. You cannot change them directly, but you can see what they are by hovering over them with your mouse cursor.

  • Flags: These are the state flags that determine whether your item is stolen, stashable, or sellable. You can check or uncheck them as you wish.

Buffs: These are the effects that apply to either your character or your item when you equip it. You can add or remove buffs from two lists: Player Buffs and Item Buffs. Player 29c81ba772

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