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How to Open and Convert Softdesk Drafix CAD Files

How to Open and Convert Softdesk Drafix CAD Files

If you have some old CAD files with the .CAD extension, you might be wondering what they are and how to open them. These files were created by Softdesk Drafix CAD, a popular 2D drafting program in the 1990s that was later acquired by Autodesk and renamed AutoSketch. Drafix CAD was known for its ease of use, speed and compatibility with other CAD formats.

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However, Drafix CAD is no longer supported by Autodesk or compatible with modern operating systems. So how can you access your old .CAD files and convert them to more standard formats like DXF or DWG? Here are some possible solutions:

  • Use AutoSketch: If you still have a copy of AutoSketch 5 or later, you can try to open your .CAD files with it and save them as .SKF, .DXF or .DWG files. AutoSketch 5 was released in 1998 and might work on Windows XP or older versions. However, it might not work on newer versions of Windows or Mac OS, and it might have some stability issues or compatibility problems with newer hardware.

  • Use Drafix CAD Professiona: If you don't have AutoSketch, you can try to find a copy of Drafix CAD Professiona 4.0, the last version of Drafix CAD before it was renamed AutoSketch. This version was released in 1997 and might also work on Windows XP or older versions. You can download it from Software Informer[^1^], a website that provides information and downloads for various software programs. However, this download might not be safe or legal, and it might also have some stability issues or compatibility problems with newer hardware.

  • Use a file converter: If you can't find or run any version of Drafix CAD or AutoSketch, you can try to use a file converter that can read and convert .CAD files to other formats. However, finding such a converter might be difficult, as .CAD files are not very common or well-known. One possible converter is CAD File Extension[^2^], a website that provides information and links for various file extensions. However, this website does not guarantee the quality or safety of the converters it links to, and it might not have the latest or most accurate information.

In conclusion, opening and converting Softdesk Drafix CAD files might be challenging, as they are outdated and unsupported by modern software. However, there might be some ways to access them using older versions of Drafix CAD or AutoSketch, or using third-party file converters. However, these methods might not be reliable, safe or legal, and they might result in some loss of data or quality. Therefore, it is advisable to backup your original .CAD files before attempting any conversion.

If you are wondering why you have .CAD files in the first place, you might have received them from someone who used Drafix CAD or AutoSketch in the past, or you might have downloaded them from the internet. Drafix CAD was a popular program for creating 2D drawings for various purposes, such as architecture, engineering, landscaping, interior design, etc. It had many features and tools that made it easy to create and edit drawings, such as layers, blocks, dimensions, text, hatches, etc. It also supported importing and exporting other CAD formats, such as DXF and DWG.

However, Drafix CAD was discontinued by Autodesk in 2002, when they released AutoSketch 8. AutoSketch was essentially a rebranded version of Drafix CAD with some minor changes and improvements. However, AutoSketch did not gain much popularity or support from Autodesk, as they focused more on their flagship products, such as AutoCAD and Revit. AutoSketch was also discontinued by Autodesk in 2008, when they released AutoSketch 10. Since then, Autodesk has not released any updates or patches for AutoSketch, and it is no longer available for purchase or download from their website.

Therefore, if you have .CAD files that you want to open or convert, you might have to resort to some of the methods mentioned above. However, these methods might not work for all .CAD files or all situations. Some .CAD files might be corrupted or damaged, and some might contain complex or custom objects that might not be recognized or converted by other programs. Some methods might also require you to have access to older operating systems or hardware that can run Drafix CAD or AutoSketch. Some methods might also involve downloading software from unknown or untrusted sources that might contain viruses or malware. 29c81ba772

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