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Mother Dearly Beloved: A Controversial Spanish Drama from 1980

Mother Dearly Beloved: A Controversial Spanish Drama from 1980

Mother Dearly Beloved (Mater amatÃsima) is a Spanish film directed by J.A. Salgot and released in 1980. It stars Victoria Abril as Clara, an attractive unmarried woman who lives with her autistic son Juan (Julito de la Cruz) in Barcelona. The film explores the complex and disturbing relationship between mother and son, as well as Clara's sexual and emotional needs.

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The film was controversial at the time of its release for its depiction of incest, violence, and mental illness. It was banned in Spain until 1981, and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Some praised the film for its honesty and courage, while others condemned it for its exploitation and sensationalism. The film also features music by Vangelis and a cameo appearance by Frankenstein (1931) [^6^].

Mother Dearly Beloved is not widely available to watch online, but some websites offer streaming or downloading options for curious viewers. One of them is [^1^], which claims to have a high-quality version of the film with English subtitles. Another option is SoundCloud [^2^], where a user named George has uploaded an audio recording of the film with Polish narration. A third option is Penana [^3^], a platform for writers and readers, where a user named maqanidmirtym has posted a summary of the film with some comments.

However, these websites may not be reliable or safe, and may violate the copyright laws of the film. Therefore, viewers who are interested in watching Mother Dearly Beloved should exercise caution and discretion when accessing these sources.

Mother Dearly Beloved has received mixed reactions from critics and viewers over the years. Some have praised the film for its bold and realistic portrayal of a taboo subject, and for its powerful performance by Victoria Abril, who was only 20 years old at the time. Others have criticized the film for its lack of subtlety and sensitivity, and for its exploitation of a serious social issue. The film has also been compared to other controversial films that deal with incest, such as The Unspeakable Act (2012), Illegitimate (2016), and Drifters (2011) .

The film has a rating of 6.6 out of 10 on IMDb , based on 95 user reviews. Some of the positive reviews call the film "a masterpiece", "a brave and honest work", and "a cult classic". Some of the negative reviews call the film "a waste of time", "a disgusting piece of trash", and "a sick joke". The film has not received any professional reviews on Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic, but it has been featured in some film festivals and magazines, such as the GÃteborg Film Festival and the British Film Institute .

Mother Dearly Beloved is a film that challenges and provokes the viewer, and that may not be suitable for everyone. It is a film that explores the dark and complex aspects of human nature, and that does not offer any easy answers or solutions. It is a film that may leave the viewer disturbed, intrigued, or indifferent, depending on their perspective and taste. 0efd9a6b88

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